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Shanna R., Kealakekua, HI

I am so blessed to live on the same island as Ken, the unmatched master of massage!  I have experienced the healing art of massage across the far reaches of the globe and never come across a more consciously connected, gifted and humble healer.  Choose to achieve your highest potential of wholeness…body, mind and spirit, Ken is your conduit to establishing unprecedented vibration and achieving wellness.

Janelle C., Costa Mesa, CA

My massage with Ken was absolutely incredible! It was my favorite massage yet! He was super intuitive & gave me an amazing & unique experience that put me totally at ease. With his music, his kind-hearted energy, and his instinctive touch, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience & look forward to my next massage!

Mandy Summer, Honolulu Hawaii

If you want a peaceful surrounding and an epic massage then visit Ken! When I arrived at his studio, I was immediately relaxed as I walked around his gardens into the massage room. Everything is so happy at his lovely place. Then there is the massage, as a professional athlete, I have to say I do get a lot of massages, but this one was by far the best massage I’ve had. Ken really knows what to work on even if you don’t tell him. It was the perfect blend of relaxation massage, pressure and stretching. When I walked out after 90 min, I felt like a new person mentally and physically! I can’t wait to go back. An all around amazing experience. Mahalo!

Robert Whatley

I have enjoyed massages at some of the finest spas the world, including the Canyon Ranch Spa in Tucson and most recently at the Hotel d’Angleterre in Copenhagen. While all of the practitioners have been well trained and skilled in their specific modalities, Ken’s multimodal approach was by far the best I’ve ever experienced. He truly listened to my current needs along with my history of spinal and neck degradation, and I knew from the moment the massage began that I was in the hands of an exceptional healer with holistic and intuitive knowledge of the body. Leaving his studio I was awe struck to find myself completely pain free and refreshed. Honestly, I had forgotten what it was like to not feel constant pain. This is the first time in my life that a single session accomplished so very much, leaving me in comfort for over a day afterwards. Realizing that I was here for only a week longer I immediately scheduled two more visits to allow my body to heal. If Hawaii wasn’t so distant I would see him on a twice weekly basis. I cannot recommend anyone more intuitive, skilled, and present providing such exceptional massage.

Julie Winder

The massage I had by Ken was the best I’ve ever experienced. I’ve had massages at world class spas in Hawaii and Mexico that do not come close to Ken’s. I will see him again each time I visit my son and his family in Captain Cook.

-Julie Winder

Justa Vaiva Winder

I had massages in Egypt, in Thailand, in India, in Lithuania, UK, but this one was the best. Seriously, I felt I could fly afterwards. The massage therapist Ken Kotner lives in Captain Cook, you can find him on Amazing!

-Justa Vaiva Winder

Laurie W., Alameda, CA

If I didn’t have to swim across the ocean every time I wanted to get body work by Ken, I’d probably see him weekly. The minute he lay his strong hands on me I knew I could relax and dis-engage because Ken would take it from there. Beautiful massage, beautiful human being. I look forward to coming back to the Big Island and working with Ken again.

George Hulse, Australian Triathelete

Ken gave me a very professional sport massage as a preparation for the ironman world championship race on 12 Oct. I will be back for another sport massage on 11 Oct to help prepare me for the race. Nice work Ken.

Henry Simonis, Oak Run, CA

I felt complete and total relaxation during Ken’s massage, and had extended comfort for the week that followed. I felt better in my body. I also felt fully comfortable and open to Ken working on me.

Dale Baugh, Oak Run, CA

Ken’s massage was the best massage I have ever received! He seemed to know exactly the right amount of pressure, without it being too intense, and he hit all the right spots. His massage was thorough . It was easy for me to relax while I was being worked on.