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Rosey Baugh, Oak Run, CA

Ken’s body work left me feeling deeply connected to my body and whole. He works in an intuitive, strong and patient way; Ken’s presence is focused and compassionate. While on the table, I was aware of his expertise of kinesiology and anatomy, yet this knowledge is integrated with a deeper understanding of how to treat the “whole” person. Ken is a true healer who works from his heart. I am grateful for his work.

Dave Levenson, San Francisco, CA

Ken is a truly amazing healer. With gentle but firm hands he simply finds the spots and works his magic.
As an educator, he spends time explaining what and why he is doing things you haven’t had done before!

I go to Ken everytime I am in town for my health!

Justine Ring, Franklin, MA

Ken Kotner is a genuinely knowledgeable massage therapist and is attentive and present in his practice. He provides individualized services with intention. My experience with him was both deeply relaxing as well as physically healing and I highly recommend Ken to anyone looking for an exceptional massage.

Pauahi Kamakau LMT

I would highly recommend receiving body work from Ken, as he is very gifted at what he does, and passionate in this healing art. Ken incorporates a variety of massage techniques and has an intuitive touch that allows him to better meet his clients needs. I appreciate that he creates a safe space and highly respects and honors those who are in his hands. After receiving massage from Ken you are likely to feel physically relieved and spiritually renewed. Ken is awesome!

I am blessed to share my testimony,

Dr. Stephen Kofsky, Kailua, HI

Over the years I have traveled the globe and experienced body therapy and massage from world class professionals using all styles and modes. Mr. Kotner is simply the best of all of them. His understanding of the human body and its functional integration is a lesson for the mind as well as the physical architecture.